Kundalini  Pranayam


   Kundalini Pranayam is the yogic process of consciously creating and sustaining a definite ascending and descending flow of Cosmic Prana through the cerebro-spinal channel.
Kundalini  Pranayam

        In as breath… I thus receive
             the cooling rush of Lighted birth.
        Then out as breath… I merge with Thee
             to warm the heart and wed the earth.

        And let this practice so extend
             to move as smoothly as a breeze
        That even as the grasses bend
             they welcome it with ease.
             I welcome it with ease.

        A rhythm like poetic verse
             touches deep the heart to feel
        And loose the chains of anguished cells
             revealing waves of Joy to heal.

        And on this wave a Word resounds
             deep into the Eye to know
        That each may see the passing life
             is his to make the wonder show.

        And grip not to the Word in stream
             lest ye leave the heart aside
        But join into symphonic play
             the coming and the ebbing tide.

        To hear upon the current still
             a whisper call, a friendly voice
        Making clear the Path remains
             until I make the choice.

        In as breath… I thus receive
             the cooling rush of lighted birth
        Then out as breath… I merge with Thee
             to warm the heart and wed the earth.

        Resonating Sound of Thee
             for each and every cell to find
        The inner flow along the spine
             an involution of a kind
             where sings the heart of Joy
             where sings the heart of Joy.

        And when the flow of love is full
             without a single thread to miss
        The coming and the going join
             tender as a kiss.

        Thus in time a ripeness comes
             where inner and the outer see
        Without a trace of doubt to know
             that there is naught but Thee.
             For there is naught but Thee.

        Into the Voice that You do speak
             to shape a Sound of Love to hear
        A home in every place to be
             within a Heart that You did steer
             the Endless Sounding Love to hear.

        A laugh to think someone might fail
             at passing through the door to come.
        The Tallyman, Him smile and say,
             "Welcome every single one…
                      Welcome everyone."


           To acquire the ability to redistribute Cosmic Prana within the cord, we must first learn how to enter the cerebro-spinal channel consciously, and remain there for extended periods of time.  The only way we can begin to achieve this entry is to remove our attention from the senses.  This is the single greatest challenge of the spiritual life.  It is the sense organs, themselves, which have drawn our attention outward in the first place.  These sense organs, by design, require a steady  distribution of oxygen for their use.  This is achieved by breathing and the flow of oxygenated blood.   However, when we completely disengage our attention from the senses, this blood flow is no longer required.  Instead, the entire vehicle is enveloped in an energy field of Cosmic Prana.

             The yogi disciplines himself to make this cerebro-spinal entry again and again.  He learns to make this his home.  Eventually he becomes adept at watching… and thus causing… Cosmic Prana to flow within himself as is its design.  The cord within the body enlivens with resonant energy.  A wondrous, soothing current awakens along the spine and brain.  It resonates sympathetically with the holy sound, Om.  As this happens, the yogi gains an immediate insight into the path of incarnation.  Consciousness firmly attaches itself to the body through the breath.  This new flow dramatically alters the way his consciousness perceives this attachment.  For the moment, he becomes a fish out of water and begins to understand the "water" for the first time.

       Yoga is the practice of allowing the body prana to become reorganized and redistributed according to the original design of Cosmic Prana.

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