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The Sacred Heart Pranayam

"Om is the unborn Sound of the Whole Being God Is...
into and from which the embodied soul breathes."


The very Thing that we are... That which we have always been...
That which we will always be... That which we cannot destroy...
That in which there lies no harm... That as bliss is life itself...

        For the average person the ego stubbornly binds experience to the incarnated dimension.  Ego is the persistent thought-form that, "I am the body."  Thus, there is a constant, uncontrollable need to respond, preempting bliss and the pure witnessing of our eternal, vibrant Being.
      Intuitively our mind perceives the death of ego as imminent, but it does not know the full import of this.  It then projects this impending Inner Passage in outward terms, according to its acquired habits and thoughts.  It imagines that it might "die" alone, and thus invents ideas to soothe or negate its imagined situation.  Ironically it reinvents itself in a false manner at the same time.  It assembles the physical appearance of cataclysm in assorted forms.  Yet the only real "cataclysm" is actually the ecstatic entrance into Cosmic Consciousness.
     The attachment to matter dissolves as we enter the world of Light... as we become transparent.  The Soul, that entered its prison of form, slips through the bars of its confinement and rediscovers Itself as the primordial Spirit.  This Transparency is absolutely available.

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   To receive six chapters of A Recipe for Bliss through the internet for free, simply email us at  "Six chapters" will appear in the subject line of the email.  You will receive the chapters via email within a few days.
     These chapters introduce a path of meditation and awareness that may dramatically alter the way you perceive the world and your self.  This yoga leads to the understanding that our apparently "solid" physical world is, in fact, a virtual reality.

    The book, A Recipe for Bliss, Kriya Yoga for a New Millennium, is now available through  It is also available directly from The hOMe Foundation.  You can receive a signed copy of this book for free.  You pay only the cost of shipping.  To receive your free copy directly from The hOMe Foundation click on "Order Book(s)" for details.

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